Supporting women to take charge of their own lives.

A new initiative is being set up in the Yarra Valley to support women to achieve the goals they want for their own lives.

Taking it Step by Step is about supporting women to reach their self-identified goals. As we all know there are many things that can hamper the experiences of women; whether these are career related, or in business, or in relationships. Women can face more than their fair share of set-backs. We want this program to accelerate women’s capacity to live lives of their own choosing, created by their own sense of determination, confidence and self-belief.

Voices of Women is currently recruiting mentors and mentees for the program. The mentors will be women in the community who have a good understanding of their own empowerment, have actualised their own goals within the community, business or relationship spheres and are women who know they can, and have, learnt to overcome limitations.

The commitment to be a mentor includes attending a short training program and committing to monthly meetings with your mentee. The program is being supported by partners Cire Training and Eastern Health – Health Promotion.

Mentees will be women who come from a diverse background who seek to improve their lives through the support of skilled mentors.

“This is the kind of program where you can be sure that your efforts will be going to women who need support and are in the right frame of mind to receive that direction and support.” says Sue West President of VoW.

If you are interested contact Voices of Women at

Mentors can have an initial chat with Sue from Voices of Women.